Work, Play, Interests, and Goals…




Investigative thinker, serial innovator, and creative problem solver. Over two decades of proven leadership and management success in operations, business strategy, revenue development, and marketing.





Technology that can make each of us more efficient and effective is a passion. Especially enthusiastic about technology that is related to renewable energy, making buildings more energy efficient, and increasing our ability to live in a sustainable way within our environment.





Avid outdoors-man. Enjoys minimalist camping, hiking, bush-craft, foraging, shooting, and fishing. Mountains, valleys, fields, beaches, on the water or on the land, are all good places to be when your outdoors.


My Next Personal Goal:

To partner in the endeavor to combine the good things of the past, with the conveniences, effectiveness, and efficiency of emerging technology, enabling viable, long-term, sustainable living, for everyone, everywhere.